• Alison Mead


For those who have just found my site. Welcome! For those who want to know more, read on. The following blog posts are historic but worth a read. My earlier blog site "Consent to dream" was taken down last year for complicated reasons and I now start afresh with a new one. As my blog is about me as a writer among other things, I have salvaged most of the earlier ones. They all relate to "Politic Man" which was written, directed and developed by me over a very long period of time. One of my proudest achievements.

Up until that point (2017) my writing had always been biographical. Since then I decided to develop my talent as a creative writer with fictional settings and characters, striving to make sense of their world and mine. So from here, the posts will be the modernised version of my writing life. The downs; the ups; the "What on earth is going on?"; the "what on earth is going to happen next" and sometimes the "what on earth am I doing this for?" I never answer that question.

So...welcome again to the "new " me. And please follow and comment whenever you feel the urge. Share with others; respond; argue. The virus is making me write But not about that.


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