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Drama Training

The nature of the acting profession means that there are ready made opportunities to pass on knowledge and experience of professional theatre and live performance.

Classes are offered in one on one tuition; small group workshops for schools and colleges and adults and young people (16+) who would like to try drama “just for fun”.

Read the testimonials below and find out more about the tuition that is on offer.


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Audition Technique for Drama School Entry

  • Choosing and Performing Audition Speeches

  • Effective Sight Reading

  • Career Advice

  • Dealing with Nerves

The Acting Business: The Tools of the Trade

  • CV's and headshots

  • Agents and Castings

  • Networking

  • The Fringe

  • Auditions Techniques (see above)

  • Organising finances

  • Equity - The Actor's Union

  • How to use Reviews

Performance Skills for Group Work

  • Improvisation skills: How to tell stories; how to find dialogue; how to be spontaneous without fear; how to maintain reality and interest.

  • Vocal expression: How to use your voice effectively. Sustaining the breath. Being heard: projection without pushing. Finding the right tone, inflection, pitch.

  • Character development with text: Analytical or instinctive? Funny or serious? How to lift the words off the page and make them live in the moment.Searching for clues: The journey of the character. Giving life to the character.

  • Performance skills; Theatre Games; Comedy and  Tragedy; Physical and Vocal Work; Sight Reading; Focus; Devising skills…..and more….

Some Testimonials​

 Alice. Successful entry to Rose Bruford College.

    "I went to Alison for a couple of sessions for a Rose Bruford course audition. We worked together to discuss the sorts of characters and monologues that would suit me and  Alison suggested that choosing a Shakespeare piece would be beneficial to me as she knew the sort of course I was applying for and therefore I would stand out! I have to say that it would have been very unlikely that I would have chosen Shakespeare myself had I not gone to Alison for these sessions, so I am very pleased with this guidance.

Alison was able to advise that the character of Isabella from Measure for Measure is often performed for auditions but Mariana less so - another thing that would work in my favour. We spent time breaking down the piece; first of all working on the rhythm of the language and how the piece was structured. We then discussed character and what had happened to Mariana prior to this moment so that I could gain an understanding of why she was speaking these words. I feel it was so important to work at this base level on the first session,  so that I could concentrate on my performance.

I then went away to work on the piece myself and about a week later came back for the second session. Here we got stuck in to the staging of the piece and worked on intonation and body language. Again, Alison made sure that I was always drawing on what had happened to my character previously, as well as why and how she would say the lines.

By the end of the sessions, I felt very confident to deliver the piece. At the audition I was asked to perform it in a few different ways which Alison had prepped me for and am pleased to say that I got a place on the course which I am so thrilled about!

It really was a priceless experience having Alison guide me through this process and I felt extremely pleased that I was able to gain such an understanding of not only the piece I was auditioning with, but also general audition technique too.  I would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking for some audition guidance- thank you so much for the time, effort and expertise that you put into my sessions!”


Toni. Audition support for National Youth Theatre

  "Despite having trouble with confidence and experiencing self doubt in regards to my acting skill, Alison always made me feel capable and encouraged me to push myself, even when I felt like I was failing. It is because of her training that I now feel confident enough to continue acting and apply for further drama courses in the near future."

Amanda. Career change to Professional Theatre.

  "Alison has been inspirational in my development as an actor. I have learnt so much from her skills as a director and have now taken the step into professional acting - I have Alison to thank for this. I have received one to one tuition for auditions and her advice is simply invaluable. Now I am able to pursue my dream." 

Katy. Awarded place at Drama Studio, London.

​  “You have been a constant source of encouragement, knowledge & guidance. My lessons have provided me with an invaluable core training resulting in a place at drama school”


Lisa. Post graduate Drama Course. Canada.

  “something just happened as I started…. I felt so good, and my confidence grew as I realised that everyone was really listening to me….”

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