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Drama Training

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I have taught drama and acting in some of the
country's leading drama schools and colleges for
over twenty years, including:
Rose Bruford College
ArtsEd (Musical Theatre)
Identity School of Acting
D & B Academy of Performing Arts
Canterbury College (Acting for Camera)

It is true to say that i absolutely love teaching; the most exciting thing for me is seeing a student grow in confidence and march into an sudition with assurance and skill. If that's what you need, get in touch.

What I offer

Private coaching: This is a session entirely based on what you need.

-Finding the right audition speech for you.

-Audition technique "in the room", Also on Zoom.

-Self taping

-Advice on Drama School applications and auditions.

All 121 sessions are 40ukp per hour.

Group acting classes and training for Amateur Theatre companies available. Costs are negotiable for this, depending on size of group.

I am also an adjudicator for Drama Festivals. Fees and availibilty on request.

Some thoughts on acting (Not all mine)

A student once asked me "What is the most important thing for you with acting?"
I answered with "Telling the truth. That is how theatre makes us see."


For a better illustration, I take the liberty of quoting David Mamet:
" … players move the audience … so much so that the audience fear for their soul. That seems to be something to aim for."(True and False 1998)
You can find another Mamet quote on the Politic Man page . (I'm a bit of a fan!) 

Sanford Meisner had similar ideas:
Q: What else apart from good diction and bodily grace makes for good actors?
A: The actor’s chief instrument is himself. When we think of characters in a play, we think of them in active terms.

George Bernard Shaw also knew a thing or two
about theatre: "Self betrayal, magnified to suit the optics of theatre, is the whole art of acting."
Q: "How do you do that?"
A: "Practise. Practise. Practise."

Self betrayal. The pure unadulterated, unselfconscious revelation of the actor’s most inner and most private being. A big ask. That’s where technique comes in.

Here are some comments from recent participants at Rose Bruford College

"Alison, thank you for the ways in which you have challenged and provoked me"

"Thank you for absolutely everything. Your wisdom, attitude care and contribution is second to none."

"Thank you for opening my eyes to what acting can be"

"I have taken endless amounts of knowledge from your sessions. I cannot thank you enough"

"Your classes have really inspired me and changed the way I think about acting. Thank you."


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